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Minimum Reccommended
CPU x64 1.4GHz x64 2.0GHz
HDD 150GB 200GB
LAN 1 GigaBit/s Ethernet 1 GigaBit/s Ethernet
OS Windows 10 1507+ Windows 10 1507+


Note: The purchased version has no limitations. After you have downloaded and installed this trial version of OHSM, the default username is "Administrator" and the default user password is also "Administrator".

All access datafiles use an SQL instance of SQLEXPRESSOHSM and mixed mode authentication with username "sa" and password "ohsmtest123". Please set this up as a DSN of "SQLLOCAL" via SQLServer driver in ODBC.

Alternatively, we would be happy to do all the initial demonstration, install and setup for you. Feel free to contact us on wilsonsn1@hotmail.com. Please enjoy the product.


Installation instructions for trial version of OHSM
These instructions are intended for someone technically familiar with building an SQL database.
1. Visit the OHSM website http://www.wilsonsn.com/ohsm/index.php .
2. Click Download.
3. Click and install SQL Server Express 2019 with OHSM Installer.
4. Extract files from 1_SQLExpress2019.zip to a chosen folder.
5. Run the file Install.exe from your chosen folder.
6. Click on and install SQL Management Studio Tools.
7. If you don't have Microsoft Access and Word, you will need to install Access 64 Bit Runtime and Word viewer. Skip these steps if you have MS Access and Word installed already.
8. Download the OHSM Database Install Tool from the website and run the file DBConfig.exe . Click both Step 1 and Step 2 dialogue buttons during this process.
9. Download OHSM Access Database v3.0 (x64) and extract files to chosen database folder.
10. Double click the file OHApp.mdb in the database folder.
11. Enter username Administrator and password Administrator.

Instructions on navigating the OHSM records system are in the OHSM Manual which can be downloaded from the Download page on the website.

OHSM Client Files
OHSM Manual
OHSM Database Install Tool
OHSM Access Database v3.0 (x64)
Supporting Files (Needed if you do not have SQL Server)
SQL Server Express 2019 with OHSM Installer
SQL Management Studio Tools
Supporting Files (Needed if you do not have Microsoft Office)
Access 64 Bit Runtime
Word Viewer

Try before you buy

Limitations of the TRIAL (none for purchased version):
1) Maximum of 10 Employees
2) Maximum of 100 Consultations
3) Maximum of 100 Documents
4) Maximum of 1 simultaneous user

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