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Camera Capture - Screen Surveillance
Capture some sun instead of capturing your screen! Latest addition to the website is a screenshot surveillance application that can capture any portion of the screen every number of seconds. Use this as camera/program monitoring software!


Your table man hours
Speed and time for viewing and/or attending any table are now up to you with a new JAVA Table Search widget. What wil your search string be?


Colour your attention
Rods and Cones are no longer skittles! Disco Wallpapers added for those who like to rotate their solid desktop colour backgrounds with greater quantities of colours and RGB combinations.


For The New Year!
Soon to add an application that will allow random sizing and positioning of application and task windows for presentation effect! Choose the window, minimum and maximum square dimensions and watch them party!


Scottish Independence
Scottish Independence voting takes place on 18.09.2014. Polling summaries can be accessed at the following link:


My vote would be in favour of independence!


New Site
Welcome to this personal website. The site was created using native html tags, making things easier to modify/locate and present information with strategy to highlight areas of most importantance. See below for a video summary of iphone applications!


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